Big Bale machine

Big Bale processor

FGM big bale processor is constructed on a solid steel rack

FGM big bale processor has a standard size, fitting big bales of 2400 mm x 1250 mm (height and breadth). All engines are mounted directly on the main axles, securing as little maintenance of the machine as possible.

FGM big bale processor can be delivered with a raised top (extra equipment, see the picture), enabling it to process big bales with a height of 2600 mm.

FGM big bale processor is equipped with a transportation hanger and thermoplastic wheels and may be moved with a regular pallet lifter. The machine is also equipped with a spiked roller, on which the spikes are attached in bond to achieve the best distribution and the best soil structure as possible.

FGM big bale processor is equipped with steering and a censor for automatic filling of soil for potting machine or belt conveyor. Furthermore, the steering has a button attached, which enables the machine to drive in reverse with elevator chains, should anything get jammed.

FGM big bale processor is delivered with a very strong surface. After the weld-up, the machine is sandblasted to remove oxide scales, etc. Thereafter, the machine is powder-coated, which gives an incredibly strong surface that lasts for many years. The standard color is FGM green, RAL-colour 6002.

Big Bale processor