Horticulture Technology

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Horticulture technology

We have many years of experience in producing
machinery and equipment for the horticultural industry

FGM A / S has many years of experience in producing machinery and equipment for the horticultural industry.

We are used to making customized solutions as the many different tasks we get are very specific.

It can be for different cultures, all our machines and solutions aim to make the production more profitable and there can be tasks that must be more ergonomic, we also solve that.

We have our own unique conveyor belt system that we can customize in any horticulture.
We have our own machines for mobile bench systems.
We have our own potting machines and big balle machine.
We have packaging machine solutions.
We have high-pressure washers and sprayers.

Fully automatic train for mobile benches

Mobile benches

For our mobile benches we offer a whole range of machines that make everyday life easier.

Tray filler for potted plants

Packing machinery

We produce bag machines for bagging potted plants according to the needs of our customer.

Pottery machine

Horticultural machines

At FGM, we even make our very own unique horticultural machines - pottery and many more.

Stationary washing area for mobile sprayers

Sprayer systems

High pressure sprayers, mobile and stationary washing areas, high pressure cleaners and more.

Let FGM A / S make an offer for your next machine or upcoming project

We would like to come up with a comprehensive solution, we can create a layout where we show how we will approach it, so that you get the best solution, we are always ready for a non-binding talk about your next machine or project.

We deliver quality at the agreed time.

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