Narrow conveyor belts

Narrow conveyor belts

Individually customized narrow conveyor belts

Belt conveyors can be a resource-saving solution. FGM started developing belt conveyors 12 years ago and have today produced solutions for clients in England, Germany, France, Poland, and Scandinavia.

Investing in conveyors can result in massive savings. The effectivity can be improved, since more plants can be transported through the garden centre, and conveyors can simplify other processes in the garden centre as well, making the work easier.

All conveyors are custom-made for every single garden centre, and everything is acutely matched with the facilities and the needs of the client. FGM performs measuring and suggests solutions, which are evaluated together with the client. For FGM, the most important thing is that the client is satisfied with our product and that the conveyor is carefully fitted the need.

Belt conveyor for effective transportation of pots in the garden centre
Placing of pots after the potting machine – 6500 per hour
Distance placing – 4500 per hour
Belt conveyors customized after your needs

Narrow conveyor belts for gutter lines
Narrow conveyor belt for gutter line
Internal transportation - conveyor belts and roller conveyors