Machines for mobile benches

Maskiner til mobilborde

Mobile bench installations as turnkey solutions

FGM has a complete range of machines for mobile tables.

They can be delivered either as turnkey solutions or as standalone machines.

We supply robots for taking up and setting down plants and pots, table stackers, cranes, washing machines and trains.

Robots pick up plants and set them down on the narrow joint

Mobile bench robot - narrow

Robots for moving plants up / down from mobile benches on the narrow side of the table.

Robot for mobile tables picks up plants and puts them down

Mobile bench robot - long

Robots for moving plants up / down from mobile benches on the long side of the table.

Mobile benches can be stacked automatically

Bench stacker for mobile benches

For our mobile benches we offer an automatic bench stacker.

Mobile table crane for moving tables

Crane for mobile benches

Mobile bench cranes that transport empty benches or filled benches in the greenhouse.

Washing machine for mobile benches

Washer for mobile benches

We make several types of bench washing machines, depending on the customer's needs.

Train to mobile benches

Train for mobile benches

Train for transport of mobile benches between departments in the production.