Crane for mobile benches

Crane for mobile bench

Crane for mobile benches

Full-automatic cranes for mobile benches

We produce cranes for mobile benches. It can be as a crane for empty benches or a crane for lifting filled benches from the greenhouse. The crane for empty benches is typically used to retrieve empty benches from the packing room or from the lifting robot in order to transport the empty benches to the washing machine. When the benches have been washed, the crane transports the benches for stacking or transports them to the dropping robot.

The crane for filled benches consists of the main crane, which has a minor crane attached. This enables us to drive into several houses: the main crane drives to the end of the building, from where the minor crane can enter the different houses, where it places and retrieves the benches. We can make this as a full-automatic solution, enabling us to know what is on the benches and where they are.

Optionally, there is the possibility of attaching a sprayer on the minor crane, so that it may spray in all the houses – this attachment sold separately.

The cranes are constructed in aluminum to secure the lowest weight possible.

Mobile table crane for moving tables
Empty table crane that picks up empty tables in the packing room
Mobile bench crane on its way to pick up empty benches
Crane for automatic movement of mobile tables
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