Robot in a narrow mobile bench system

Robot for mobile bench system narrow

Robot in a narrow mobile bench system

Robots for taking plants up / down from mobile tables on the narrow side of the table.

We produce robots that pick up or put down the plants from the mobile benches on the narrow part of the bench. It can be either potted plants or tomatoes-/cucumber plants that stand in Grodan blocks. It may be handling of small pots that are to be either picked up or put into cups for them to be easier transportable.

The robots can pick plants up from a potting machine and put them onto a table. The same robot may then pick them back up and transport the plants to another robot, which puts the plants onto another table, but with a different distance. Each robot has 10 put-down programs and 10 pick-up programs.

Robots pick up plants and set them down on the narrow joint
Robots for mobile tables place potted plants on the narrow part of the table
Robots for handling small potted plants
Robot for mobile bench systems
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