Bagging machine and tray filling machine

Bagging machine and tray filler

Bagging machine and tray filling machine

Full-automatic bagging machine and tray filling machine

We produce bagging machines for bagging potted plants. We make for pots in either 10 cm or 12 cm or according to the need of our client and the type of horticulture. The type of horticulture makes a difference for the speed of the machine, and therefore, when we are to create a solution, we enter into a dialogue with our client about the desired capacity and about the approach.

We also offer a tray filler for removing bagged plants from the bagging machine and we can offer a combo-package with both machines. Furthermore, we offer a robot that transports the plants to the bagging machine, which thus creates a complete packing plant.

Our tray filler is so flexible that it can transport several types of trays and pots. Furthermore, it has a pneumatic fork, which can be replaced in 10 seconds. Our tray dispenser can be adjusted to several types of trays, which it does automatically at the selection of a program. When the trays are full, they are driven out on a roller conveyor and places on a container.

Bagging machine
Tray filler
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