Moving Gutter System - the complete horticultural system

Moving Gutter System

Optimum utilization of your cultivation area

FGM A / S has extensive expertise in machine design and irrigation to make one of the best automatic gutter systems for salads and herbs in the world.

The Moving Gutter system provides optimal utilization of your cultivation area, which helps to increase the number of harvested units. This reduces the cost of energy and labor costs per harvested unit while producing more.

The system is made of galvanized steel and bearings strong enough to handle the heat pipes.

The entire system is adapted to the customer’s wishes and needs with the possibility of adding automatic spray booms, gutters, and transport.

Gutter lines for managing transportation

Buffer line

Buffer lines improves the production flow

Moving Gutter System - gutter trolley

Gutter trolley

Automatic and manual gutter trolleys for transporting gutters

Steaming basin for gutter lines

Steaming basin

As a finished unit or built in under the gutter lines.

Galvanized steel propagation area


Galvanized steel propagation areas, mounted on nylon wheels.

Multilayer propagation takes full advantage of space

Multilayer cultivation systems

Multilayer gutter lines for efficient production and utilization of space.

Seeding machine for horticulture

Seeding machine

Soil and seeding machines in complete grafting lines.

Spraying boom

For propagation areas, made of aluminum profiles and with stainless steel spray pipes.

Conveyor belt for packing area

Conveyor belts

For various transport tasks, for the production of salad etc.

Gutter turning machine turn gutters

Gutter turning maching

A gutter turning machine provides better washing and get the gutters completely cleaned.

Washing machine for automatic washing of gutters

Gutter washing machine

In stainless steel, with automatic passage of the gutters.

43/5000 Gutters with green plants for horticulture
Gutter lines with plants for horticulture