Sprayers and accessories

Mobile washing area for sprayers

Sprayers and accessories

Horticultural and farming equipment

FGM has a number of smaller machines suitable for horticulture and agriculture.

Including stationary and mobile washing places that comply with the requirements of the law.

And hot water cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, high-pressure sprayers, and automatic table washer.

Stationary washing area for mobile sprayers

sprayer washing area

With AISI304 stainless steel tub and galvanized steel grating.

sprayer washing area

Mobile washing area for sprayers that comply with the law.

Table washer for greenhouse tables

table washer

For fast and efficient cleaning of greenhouse tables

High pressure cleaners

High pressure

Solid and durable high pressure cleaners.

High pressure sprayer with 15L or 30L

High pressure sprayer
15L and 30L

Built on stainless steel stand and with hose brake.

High pressure sprayer with gasoline engine

High pressure sprayer
gasoline engine

Capacity of 15L in min, working pressure 0-150 bar.

High pressure sprayer Unique with 15L

High pressure sprayer
Unique 15L

Tank size of 180L and hose max 130 m.

Hot water cleaners

Hot water

Hot water cleaners with easy operation.

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